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Receive warm greetings and God’s blessings from the Furaha Community school family and much appreciation for your interest in the Hold My Hand (HMH) Initiative

Furaha Community Foundation is a non-governmental organization that empowers orphaned and vulnerable children in Huruma – Mathare slums, out of extreme poverty. It was founded in the year 2004 as an evening Tutoring and Resource center and has steadily grown over the years to a Non-Governmental Organization housing among other things 2 learning institutions, a school which educates more than 450 pupils in the primary level and more than 140 students in the mixed boarding secondary school section, impacting more than 5000 people directly and indirectly to date.

We believe that education is the greatest equalizer between the rich and the poor and that it is one of the sustainable solutions out of extreme poverty.

Furaha’s prime focus is to offer holistic quality education but we also run other programs to support families and the youth who form the Huruma-Mathare family.

We have a Safe house that serves as a temporary safe haven for children who have been admitted into the school program whilst going through different forms of abuse and neglect at their homes, that interferes with their physical and/or emotional health and subsequently their daily attendance to school.

There is also a health-care program that takes pride in encouraging guardians and parents who are affected and/or infected with HIV/AIDS. They are trained and taught on how to accept themselves, how to live positively and the benefits of strict drug adherence. This is done through support group sessions. They are also taken through some life skills and entrepreneurial skills classes and they eventually receive soft credit to start businesses.


Thank you so much for your expressed interest to mentor and support a child through education. We are humbled and appreciate your continued support in serving God through these beautiful children. We greatly value your partnership.


The initiative, Hold My Hand (HMH) was started by Ms. Linda Banja a lawyer by profession, in partnership with Furaha, in 2011 to mentor and support children by helping them realize their purpose and assisting them to achieve their goals in life through supporting them to receive quality holistic education.

Currently the program is supporting 29 children.

The first beneficiary of the program went to Alliance high school under the Equity wings to fly scholarship and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Actuarial Science at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT).

How it works

These children rely on your support to be and stay in school.

The children are absorbed at different levels depending on the mentor’s request and receive support all the way through standard eight.

Parents assume their role by ensuring that their children are always present at school, their performance is up to standard and by providing the school requirements and other minor needs of a school-going child.

As an organization, we will keep you posted on the child’s progress, send you updated photos of the child, an annual thank you note, and send you scanned receipts of funds received, for accountability. We also encourage you to do a home visit on request, to help you bond with the child as you get to understand how much of a relief, your support is, to the family. There is flexibility in payment and support depending on your request.

A child’s commitment fee is Ks. 5,500 per year. This is payable in installments.

Be a Change Ambassador, mobilize your friends and be part of this noble cause. Many children in our school are in need of a mentor and supporter.

Be a Difference Maker.


The motive behind the HMH “Nivishe” initiative is that most of the children we support live with guardians and parents who are already stretched-out financially. Therefore, in most instances, after meeting their daily basic needs, most families are only able to provide a child with one pair of uniform for the whole year. They then end up using this same pair for many years, making it embarrassing for some of the children, as they are forced to come to school with the same worn out pair of uniform every day and so, many children tend to miss school on some days.

Be part of restoring dignity and confidence back to the girls and boys in our school.

We do not compel you to buy everything for the child you support, but feel free to mention what you can comfortably provide or purchase from the ‘Nivishe’ list.


SHIRT 300.00 DRESS 500.00
SHORT 300.00 SWEATER 650.00
SWEATER 650.00 SOCKS 150.00
SOCKS 150.00 TRUCK SUIT 1300.00
TRUCK SUIT 1300.00 P.E. T-SHIRT 250.00
P.E. T-SHIRT 250.00 SHOES 2000.00
SHOES 2000.00 BAG 1500.00
TOTAL 6450.00 TOTAL 7550.00